Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hot Times in the City

Ocean Pines, MD is in full effect and Gary Moore is killing it...

Durham, NC is about to join the ranks...Stylish multilevel plaza with colored concrete ledges and this pool/bowl... Pool Coping and tile are on the way...

Knott's Island, NC is wide open...the way parks should be...just show up and roll.

Big thanks to the Ruritan Club of Knott's Island for an Unbelievable amount of support for this project. We needed fill dirt...they got it and then some. Respect the spot as it is in the Ruritan's back yard and it would Not have happened without them. Same goes for Jason Weeks and the Currituck County Parks and Recreation Dept.

Let's not forget the Other Currituck Park...Powell's Point NC will be open for Labor Day Weekend.

Ground has been broken in Kill Devil Hills, NC and Front Royal, VA...more pics soon...


  1. oooooh looks naaaaaaaaaahice! keep up the good work!

  2. what the fuck do i have to do to get you to build a skatepark in my town godamit