Saturday, May 16, 2009

April Showers Continue...except it's May !!!!

So much for last year's drought...anybody else sick of Rain??
Here's the updates:

1. Ocean Pines, MD - Concrete Work is complete and the Public Works Dept. is gearing up to complete the landscaping, etc. to get the park open. We'll post up the Grand Opening Date as soon as we get word...check it out.

2. Anybody see the June Skateboard Mag (Issue #63)? Lost weekend with Kyle Berard starting on page 120 showcases some fine skateboarding at a few of the backyard "Swimming Bowls" we have designed and constructed. Keeping the dream alive...

3. Knott's Island Skatepark is about to begin getting some concrete!!! Much thanks to Buzzy and the Ruritan Club for finding ways and means to get this skatepark built. On top of being cool enough to push for this park, they procurred much rebar, most of the steel for the coping, and a $#%^ ton of fill dirt!!! We'll post some pics of the fresh crete in a couple...

4. Durham, NC has broken ground and the General Contractor is in the site work phase...looks like it's gonna be a hot Durham Summer!!! The City is talking about using some colors in the concrete and trying to add some granite for all the ledges in the park. Keep your fingers crossed and keep pushing for Pad Free Skateparks in NC!!!

5. Speaking of Pads, Marsh Creek Skatepark in Raleigh is wide open...check it out!!

Looks like Denny has stamped his frontal approval of the vert bowl...Sick!!!

5. We are putting the final tweaks on the Lower Currituck Park and are planning on beginning the site work and starting to get ready for concrete by the end of this month. Keep posted for final design specs soon!!!

6. Kill Devil Hills, NC - Final Design Phase to be completed for commissioners approval by the end of May. We'll get the design up here as soon as it is approved!!!

7. Finally, contracts have been signed for the Warren County Skatepark in Front Royal, VA!!!Artisan and Pillar have teamed up again for this 15,000 sq. ft. gem to start later this Summer with a completion date some time in December 09. Lots of stuff for everyone on this one...keep posted. We'll post the design as soon as I figure out how to post pdf files onto the blog...

We'll see you next time...